Superintendent’s VLOG – Sectional Tour

Network Section Tours
We would like our credential holders and spouses to join us this year for the Network Section tour. We are not inviting board members to join us this year. We would like to come together as friends to spend some time building relationships and encouraging each other around a mealtime and fellowship. Superintendent John Davis will share thoughts in regards to coming out of the COVID season. He will share vision for the Network as well as some of the opportunities and challenges that we have as a Network.
The dates, times, and locations will be available on

We would ask that you go on the site and register for the event for your section. We will need your help with this registration in order to facilitate the meal reservations.

Also, note that there will be Presbyter elections for four sections. These will be held during the tour meetings as well. They will involve sections: 1, 3, 6 & 11.

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