Renewing Credentials



There are three ways to renew this year.  You only need to pick one.

  1. The paper renewal has been sent to you by General Council.
  2. Online form, filled in, printed off, signed and mailed to the District Office.
  3. Submit your renewal electronically online at: You will need your fellowship id (found on your card) and password.  If you do not have this information, please contact the General Secretary’s office.  It is vital to SUBMIT the form.  Several missed this step in past years and it made a difference.

Important Information:

  1. If submitting your renewal by paper form, make sure it is SIGNED.
  2. Answer all questions on the format you are submitting.
  3. Make sure District Council tithe/dues is current.
  4. General Council dues must be on a separate check made payable to General Council, if sending with your paper renewal or can be done online at
  5. Renewals postmarked after December 31 and until January 15 will need to include a $50.00 late fee.
  6. Renewals postmarked after January 15 must include a reinstatement application and a $130.00 reinstatement fee. You will be considered automatically lapsed if not renewed by January 15.  It is now mandatory from General Council that all ministers who allow their credentials to lapse will have to have a background check done by the district that includes a credit report if they have not had one in the last two years.
  7. If you do not receive your renewal by the first of December, you may submit renewals online at: or print one off; fill it out, sign it and mail it in. This will keep your credential status from lapsing if your application has been lost in the mail.

Minister's tithes/dues to the District - Our Bylaws call for 100% of the minister's tithes/dues from all sources of ministerial income to be sent in each month to the district office.  Regardless of the minister's source of income, he/she must send to the district office for its support a minimum of $350.00 per year.  These rules do not apply to the minister's spouse holding credentials who has no separate income.  This can be paid online at:  DO NOT submit your District dues to General Council when renewing online.  These monies do not come directly to us and may cause you to lapse.


General Council Support – As a credentialed minister, your monthly obligation to the General Council is as follows:

Certified Minister - $10.00 per month - $120.00 yearly.
Licensed Minister – $20.00 per month – $240.00 yearly.
Ordained Minister - $25.00 per month - $300.00 yearly.



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