15 Reasons Pastors Are Struggling - With Pastor Rod Loy

I am very concerned for pastor and church leaders. Many are stressed, under pressure, and discouraged. In this video, I talk about the pressures pastors are facing, some good coping techniques and finally, how church people can help and support their pastor. If you just want to just watch how you can help your pastor, start watching at 22:30 Share this with your pastor. It will help her / him today!
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A free Live Q & A with Pete Scazzero on "How Do You Measure Ministry Success When Everything Has Changed?..."
One-hour Q&A dedicated to your questions around the impact these uncertain days on your life, leadership and church.
Pete Scazzero is the author of the "Emotionally Healthy Leader.
Thursday July, 23
This will be held at 4 pm EASTERN time - 3 pm CENTRAL time.
As part of our Pastoral Wellness Initiative are inviting you to be a part of this important discussion.

Pastoral Wellness Resources

  • Counseling
    We believe that healthy pastors lead healthy churches. We have a variety of counseling resources available to serve our pastors and their families. Please call our office for more information
  • Vacation/Retreat Resources
    Pastors need rest. Burn out and fatigue are real. Almost 50% of ministry workers suffer, or have suffered from depression. We encourage our pastors to take time to rest and get-away. We are providing a list of retreat options. Many of these are free or greatly reduced for our pastors. Our campgrounds have made available options for our pastors as well. Please contact our office for a list of retreat options