Ministering to Kids During The COVID-19 Crisis

Ministering To Kids During This COVID-19 Crisis

A few kids ministers in our network meet on a zoom call to discuss how to minister to kids, churches and community during this COVID-19 crisis.

Joining me are Jenn Hewitt from Christian Life Fellowship in Port Edwards
Corey Sullenger from North Ridge Church in Marshfield
Josh Humpa from Oak Creek A/G in Oak Creek
Phil Hahn from Bridge Church Waukesha

Here are a few resources for you and your church

Sunday Morning Free Curriculum:
Little Rock First A/G free online kids Church. Available on demand.

Life Church Oklahoma

WNMDKIDS Google Group (For Leaders)!forum/wnmdkidsministry
Email us if you would like to be added to this resource. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Pages

Northridge Kids
I Love Kidmin Facebook Page
Children's Pastors Only

Youtube Pages
Oak Creek Kids

Discipleship Pages
Rightnow Media

Other Pages You may Like
Oak Creek Kids Live

Youversion bible app or

How To Live Stream…/how-to-live-stream-for-beginners/
How to Live Stream for the Computer Illiterate…/live-streaming-setup-compute…
Youtube Live Streaming
Facebook Live Steaming

Create kids Facebook Page and a youtube page.

Be smart and strategic in what you are doing. 

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