Superintendent Update June 6, 2019 - VLOG

  Superintendent John Davis discusses the upcoming Pastors Masters held on August 22nd at Glacier Wood Golf Club in Iola, WI. This is a great tournament to assist our pastors in the WNMD in their times of need. You can register your team, become a hole sponsor, or sponsor a church team. Check out these links for information shared in this post...
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Superintendent Update June 13, 2019 - VLOG

Superintendent Davis gives an update on Family Camps at Assembly Park and Spencer Lake. You can find the camp websites below: Assembly Park Family Camp Spencer Lake Family Camp

Superintendent's Update May 30, 2019 - VLOG

 In the week's VLOG Superintendent Davis updates us on a women's survey.   We would like the surveys completed by June 1st.  You can access the survey here: ​ Superintendent Davis also discusses the addition of non-geographic Presbyters.  

Superintendent Update - VLOG May 15, 2019

Superintendent John Davis Discusses two upcoming Events  Pastors Masters August 22nd - Registration link on website open soon!  Family Camp 2019 - CLICK here for more information on Spencer Lake Family Camp Family Camp 2019 - CLICK here for more information on Assembly Park Family Camp

Superintendent Update - Camp Projects & Next Level Leadership Series

Superintendent John Davis will introduce two new exciting camp projects at the Network Summit.   Listen as John Davis shares how we all can be involved  in these projects.   If you would like to make a pledge for the ongoing renovations at camp use the attached form or go online to: Go . wnmdag . org/camp   Next Level ...
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Superintendent VLOG April 17, 2019

Items In Today's VLOG Personal Consultation with Dr. Don Lichi Dr . Don Lichi of Emerge Counseling Ministry will be with us at Summit to discuss pastoral wellness. Dr. Lichi has also offered to schedule 50-minute personal consultations for pastors. To schedule a FREE session with Dr. Lichi CLICK HERE for times. Spaces are limited .  Tuesday La...
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Superintendent VLOG April 9, 2019

 Superintendent John Davis gives a quick sneak peek into the initiatives to be shared at Network Summit Check out these links for information shared in this post: Network Summit Website Childcare Registration for Network Summit Network Summit Registration Coming in May is the Next Level Leadership Series.  We  designed  this ser...
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Superintendent VLOG April 2, 2019

Read more about the events and activities Superintendent Davis shared in this video * Network Summit 2019 * Next Level Leadership Series - Pastoral Ministry in your Cultural Context See you at the Network Summit!

Superintendent VLOG - Update

John Davis Health Update from WI/N. MI Ministries Network on Vimeo .

Invite from Joelene Taylor

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Superintendent's VLOG March 2019

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Superintendent's VLOG - Summit Announcement


Superintendent's VLOG - Director of Network Women Announcement

Joelene Taylor from WI/N. MI Ministries Network on Vimeo . Enter your text here ...

Superintendent's VLOG - January 2019

Superintendent's VLOG January 2019 from WI/N. MI Ministries Network on Vimeo . Sectional Tour Dates  ​Section ​ ​Date - Time ​Place ​1 ​ ​Monday, March 18 - 6:00 PM (changed) Hawthorne AG, 6366 S. County Rd E, Poplar ​2 ​ Thursday, February 28 - 1:00 PM ​ ​ Four Corners AG, N3891 County Road P, Whitelake ​ ​3 Thursday, January 31 - Noon​ ​ ​ N...
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Superintendent's VLOG - December 2018

Merry Christmas 

Attracting U-40 Credential Holders

Recently, we held an under-40 credential holder presentation and listening session.  The following videos are the presentations that were offered at these 3 meetings throughout our network.  Here is a list of the topics. Meet The Millennials - Jared Furnish Millennials and the Church - Greg Washington Failure of Therapeutic Religion - Zac...
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Superintendent's VLOG - November 2018

John Davis - November VLOG from WI/N. MI Ministries Network on Vimeo .  Superintendent John Davis invited our summer camp directors to give us a report on the summer camping season.

Superintendent's VLOG Oct. 2018

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Superintendent's VLOG - 9-26-18


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U40 Meeting - Eau Claire

We would like to invite all under 40 leaders in our network to the upcoming meeting that will be held at Harvestime Church in Eau Claire.  The format of these meetings is a presentation from 3 leaders in our network and discussion on the issues of attracting under 40 credential holders in our network.  Please watch the video about th...
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