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 A great new way to meet educational requirements to become a credentialed minister or to advance to the next level! 

*Keep the cost of your education to a minimum.

*Add a classroom dimension to your study.

*Complete an entire credential level of courses in less than a year.

*Stay on track with a planned timeline.

*Attend modular classes one weekend a month.

*Build relationships in the District.

*Interact with experienced ministers.


The Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District School of Ministry (DSOM)

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Dr. Rick Painter, Academic Dean

(414) 394-9128


Dawn Winrich, Enrollment Coordinator

(715) 258-8118      

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Welcome to the DSOM Registration Page!

We are excited that you have decided to start or continue your education with us!

New to DSOM? Want more details? Check out the "New to DSOM" tab at the top of the page!  Also check out the "First-Class Expectation" tab.

If you are an existing student click on the REGISTER NOW  button below to register for class. You will need to know your curent level and class name.

Have more questions? Please give us a call at (715) 258-8118 or dawn@wnmdag.org


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New to DSOM?

Have you just heard about DSOM?  About to start class and have questions?

Below you will find important information on what to expect as a new student.


Here at DSOM you can jump in at any time.  Just remember to allow enough time to register, order the textbook and have time to complete your assignments.  First time students are encouraged to allow at least 30 days before class to register.  This will allow enough time to receive your book and have time to complete the homework.



We made signing up for DSOM as painless as possible.  All you have to do is click here to go to our Registration page.  Fill in all the blanks and hit submit!  


Time to order your book! You can click here or go to the Books tab at the top of this page. This will show you how to order your books. You will get an email within 3 - 5 days with all the study guides as Microsoft Word documents in your email. You will use your textbook to complete your homework assignment.


Admission: $25.00 (one time cost)

Class fee: $55.00 (per class)

Housing: $30.00 (per person)
(only available in Waupaca & Milwaukee)

Other costs: textbook and food

(these are the responsibility of the student)



DSOM determines course grades using the following method:

Reading the book : 20%

Study Guide: 20%

Class Attendance:  20%

Test: 40%

90-100 = A  80-89= B  70-79 = C

Below a 70 is not successfully completing the course


5:30 pm - Registration/Check -in
6:00 - Orientation
6:30 - Class starts






Tests are given at 8:20 AM on Saturday. All your test questions will come from your homework.

As you are preparing for class and doing your homework, you are already studying for the test.

What is a normal test like?  Most tests are 50 questions (True/False and Multiple Choice).

Have more questions?  Contact us at (715) 258-8118 or dawn@wnmdag.org 



2019-20 Schedules

 Fridays:  5:30 - 9:30 pm
Saturdays:  8:30am- 12:30pm

Saturday only:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Date Location Certified level License level Ordained level
Sept. 20-21 Waupaca Acts New Testament Survey Pentateuch
Milwaukee Evangelism Mission No Class
Sept. 21 - Saturday only Eau Claire Relationships & Ethics in Ministry Conflict Management No Class
Oct. 18-19 Waupaca How to Interpret the Bible Old Testament Survey Corinthians
Milwaukee Pentecostal Doctrine Homiletics No Class
Oct. 19 - Saturday only Eau Claire Spirit-Empowered Church No Class No Class
Nov. 15-16 Waupaca Spirit-Empowered Church Missions Church Admin., Law & Finance
Milwaukee How to Interpret the Bible Old Testament Survey No Class
Nov. 16 - Saturday only Eau Claire Prison Epistles  No Class No Class
Jan. 17-18 Waupaca Relationship & Ethics in Ministry Conflict Management Pastoral Ministry
Milwaukee Synoptic Gospel Leadership Skills No Class
Jan. 18 - Saturday only Eau Claire Pentecostal Doctrine No Class No Class
Feb. 14-15 Waupaca only Waupaca Evangelism Leadership Skills Preaching in Cultural Context
Feb. 21-22 - Milwaukee Milwaukee Spirit-Empowered Church Romans No Class
Feb. 15 - Saturday only Eau Claire Synoptic Gospel No Class No Class
Mar. 20-21 Waupaca AG History, Mission & Governance Romans Prayer & Worship
Milwaukee Prison Epistles Intro to Theology No Class
Mar. 21 - Saturday only Eau Claire Evangelism No Class No Class
May 15-16 Waupaca Prison Epistles Intro to Theology Pastoral Counseling*
Milwaukee Relationship & Ethics in Minsitry Conflict Management No Class
May 16 - Saturday only Eau Claire AG History, Mission & Governance No Class No Class
June 19-20 Waupaca Pentecostial Doctrine Homiletics Poetic Books
Milwaukee AG History, Mission & Governance Eschatology No Class
June 20 - Saturday only Eau Claire Acts No Class No Class
Aug. 21-22  Waupaca Synoptic Gospels Eschatology No Class
Milwaukee Acts New Testament Survey No Class
Aug. 22 - Saturday only Eau Claire How to Interpret the Bible  No Class No Class 

* Note that Pastoral Counseling is not a General Council required course for ordination, but it is a valuable course for those involved in pastoral ministry.


How to Find Books

Have you registered for class and now need your textbook?

We have an agreement with Christian Book Distributors to secure the best price for the books used in DSOM. We still encourage you to check out other sites that sell books to see if there might be further savings. Click the Christianbook.com logo below to purchase your books.  When the page opens, choose the “Wisconsin/Northern Michigan” District. After you select “Wisconsin/Northern Michigan” another dropdown box appears allowing you to choose the level for which you will buy books. Choose your books and checkout. It is that simple!


Book List


Course: Synoptic Gospels

Book: Jesus the Messiah, Stein

Course: Old Testament Survey

Book: Encountering the Old Testament, Arnold & Beyer

Course: Corinthians

Book: 1 & 2 Cortinthians: Logion Commentary, Horton

Course: Prison Epsitles

Book: Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright, 2004

Course: New Testament Survey

Book: New Testament Survey, Tenney & Dunnett

Course: Pentateuch

Book: An Introduction to Old Testament Pentateuch, Wolf

Course: Acts

Book: Acts: A Logion Press Commentary, Horton

Course: Romans

Book: The Message of Romans, Stott

Course: Poetic Books

Book: The Poetic Books:  A Pastoral Perspective, Kevin Holt

Course: How to Interpret the Bible

Book: Living by the Book (rev. ed.), Hendricks

Course: Homiletics

Book: Biblical Preaching (2nd ed.), Robinson

Course: Preaching in Cultural Context

Book: Preaching to a Shifting Culture, Gibson

Course: Evangelism

Book: Becoming a Contagious Church, Mittleberg

Course: Leadership Skills

Book: The Empowered Leader, Miller

Course: Church Admin., Law, and Finance

Book: Leadership Handbook on Management & Administration (rev. & exp.), Berkley

Course: Relationships & Ethics in Ministry

Book: Ministerial Ethics: A Guide to Spirit-Filled Leaders, Pierce

Course: Conflict Management

Book: Making Peace: A Guide to Overcoming Church Conflict, Van Yperen

Course: Course: Pastoral Ministry

Book: Shepherding the Church, Stowell

Course: Pentecostal Doctrine

Book: Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective, Menzie & Horton

Course: Missions

Book: Missions in the Age of the Spirit, York

Course: Prayer & Worship

Book: The Reward of Worship, Hayford

Course: AG History, Missions & Governanace

Book: People of the Spirit, McGee

Course: Introductions to Theology

Book: Systematic Theology (rev. ed.), Horton

Course: Pastoral Counseling

Book:Complete Guide to Crisis and Trauma Counseling,Wright

Course: Spirit-Empowered Church

Book: A Spirit-Empowered Church, Garrison

Course: Eschatology

Book: Our Destiny: Biblical Teachings on the Last Things, Horton

Please direct correspondence questions to:     Dr. Rick Painter: rick@wnmdag.org

Please direct registration and financial questions to:   Dawn Winrichdawn@wnmdag.org


What to Expect for the First Class

Before you come, make sure you have your study guide and a copy with you.


5:30 - 6:00 pm    Arrive/Check-in  (hand in original study guide)
6:00 - 6:30 pm    Orientation/Devotion
6:30 - 9:30 pm    Class starts (you will be going over the study guide - you will need your copy)


8:30 am               Test
9:30 am  - noon    Lecture/Q & A

1429747035Housing is at:

Waupaca location:   Spencer Lake Christian Center
Milwaukee location:  City on a Hill
Eau Claire location: No housing-Saturday only

Items to bring with you:  Sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket, towels, shower supplies.


Friday evening we provide snacks, water, soda and coffee.

Saturday morning we provide a light breakfast/morning snacks, coffee, soda and water.

More questions?  Contact Dawn at 715.258.8118 or dawn@wnmdag.org



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Qué es DSOM?

DSOM es la Escuela Ministerial del Distrito. El enfoque principal es capacitar tanto bíblica como éticamente a todo aquel que tenga una inquietud por el ministerio o por conocer mas profundamente sobre la palabra de Dios. Este año las clases en español se estarán impartiendo en el edificio de FVCF.  DSOM, está autorizada por las Asambleas de Dios y permite cumplir con los requisitos educacionales para personas que desean aplicar para Credenciales Oficiales Ministeriales de las Asambleas de Dios válidas en los USA y otros muchos países.

Qué debo Hacer ?

  1. Matricúlese en el Nivel de credencial correspondiente. (Existen 3 Niveles diferentes)
  2. Regístrese mensualmente a su clase.
  3. Lea el libro de texto y complete la guía de estudio antes de venir a la clase.
  4. Asista a clase.
  5. Apruebe el examen.
  6. Ya ha completado un curso..!
  Qué Beneficios tiene ?
  • Obtener una fuerte Base Bíblica.
  • Establecer una Formación Espiritual.
  • Desarrollar Carácter, Ética e Integridad Ministerial.
  • Es local: No tienes que ir a vivir fuera. 
  • Es Accesible para quien no puede matricularse en una Universidad Cristiana.
  • Es económico.
  • Es Válido Académicamente.
  • Los cursos tienen un formato flexible.
  • Se acomoda al estilo de vida, tiempo y disciplina de estudio de cada alumno.
  • Permite la aplicación para Credenciales.
  • Oportunidad directa de un Mentor Personal.
  • Se abren puertas para ministrar dentro de la Red de A.D. (mas de 240.000 iglesias en el mundo)
  • Se desarrollan relaciones y amistades duraderas.

1200 W. Kimberly Ave., Kimberly, WI 54136

Coordinador: Rev. Lucas Bressan
Teléfono: 920-991-1117

e-mail: lucas@fvcf.org



Cursos y Clases   Libros de texto


15 de Sep.-  Evangelios Sinópticos.

29 de Oct.-  Doctrina Pentecostal

24 de Nov.- Hechos.

26 de Ene.-  Cómo Interpretar la Biblia

23 de Feb.-  Ética Ministerial.

23 de Mar.- Evangelismo.

18 de May.- AD Doctrina, Gobierno y Misión.

15 de Jun.-  Evangelios de la prisión.

27 de Julio - The Spirit Empowered Church


La Vida de Cristo * Riggs 

Doctinas  Biblicas Pentecostal  *Menzie & Horton

El Libro de los Hechos * Horton

Lectura Eficaz de la Bibla * Stuart y Fee

Etica Ministerial * Pierce

Cristiano Contagioso  *Mittleberg

Historia, Misiones Y GOB (Global University)

Comentario Biblico Mundo Hispano (Global University)

Una Iglesia en el Poder del Espíritu  *Garrison


15 de Sep.-  Escatología.

29 de Oct.-  Nuevo Testamento.

24 de Nov.- Misiones.

26 de Ene.-  Romanos.

23 de Feb.-  Manejo de Conflictos.

23 de Mar.- Liderazgo.

18 de May.- Antiguo Testamento.

15 de Jun.-.  Introducción al a Teología.

27 de Jul.-   Homiletica.


Neustro Destino    * Stanley Horton

Nuestro Nuevo Testamento  *Merrill Tenny

Las Misiones en la era del Espiritu    *John York

Comentario Biblico Mundo Hispano:  Romanos Tomo 19

El Pastor Pacificador   *Alfred Poirier

Las 21 Leyes Irrefutables del Liderazgo *John Maxwell

Introduccion al Antiguo Testamento *Guillermo Ramirez Munoz

Teologia Sistematic   * Stanley Horton

Predicando Con Frescura  * Bruce Mawhinney



15 de Sep.-  Pentateuco.

29 de Oct. -  NO CLASS

24 de Nov. - Libros Poéticos

26 de Ene.-  Corintios.

23 de Feb.-  Oración y Adoración

23 de Mar.- Predicando en el Contexto Cultural.

18 de May.- Consejería Pastoral.

15 de Jun.-.  Administración, Leyes y finanzas.

27 de Jul.- Ministerio Pastoral.


El Pentateuco  *René Arancibia


Los Libros Poéticos   *Scott Ellington

Primera y Segunda de Corintios  *Quentin McGee

La oración y la adoración  *David Gómez

La predicación en el mundo contemporáneo
     *por Doug Oss, Rochelle Cathcart y David Crosby

No book available

Administración de la iglesia, finanzas y ley
      *por Joseph W. Kilpatrick y Randy J. Hedlun

Ministerio Pastoral- Serie fe y accion  *Richard Exley, Don Exley