What is the Acts 2 Journey?
A transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill the vision you have to strengthen your church spiritually, numerically and relationally. What will happen? The Acts 2 Journey cohort is a year long process designed for lead pastors and their vision teams (8-15 people). Together each church revisits their mission, vision and values. They synergize the components of the Acts 2 model and create a three-year strategic plan for each function: connect, grow, serve, go, worship. The Acts 2 Journey cohort is customized for each church regardless of size, location, or culture. Our most recent stats revealed that 46 percent of the declining churches that completed the Acts 2 Jouney cohort showed numeric growth.


October 11,12 2019
January 24,25 2020
March 27,28 2020
June 5,6 2020

Next Series
October 23,24 2020
January 22,23 2021
March 26,27 2021
June 4,5 2021

one-year journey of
development comprised of
four-weekend retreats
Location dependent on attendees

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Friday Pastor’s Session
6 pm - 9 pm
Pastor and Spouse Only

Saturday Vision Team Session
9 am - 4 pm
Pastor and Vision Team

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The only cost to the
church is your housing during the
Acts 2 Journey, your meal costs
for your team and $300 for
administrative expenses.

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Acts 2 Leadership

Mark Kilcoyne
Mark oversees pastoral development for the WNM Ministries Network and will be handling the logistics of the Acts 2 Journey through the Discipleship Department.
Mark Kilcoyne
Mark Kilcoyne
WNMD Discipleship Director
Fulfill Your God-Given Vision

Fulfill Your God-Given Vision

* Cultivate discipleship strategies
* Retain guests
* Improve assimilation methods
* Enhance the worship experience
* Recruit volunteers
* Create teams
* Equip leaders
* Become more outward focused

Acts 2 Journey Documents