What is the Acts 2 Journey?
A transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill the vision you have to strengthen your church spiritually, numerically and relationally. What will happen? The Acts 2 Journey cohort is a year long process designed for lead pastors and their vision teams (8-15 people). Together each church revisits their mission, vision and values. They synergize the components of the Acts 2 model and create a three-year strategic plan for each function: connect, grow, serve, go, worship. The Acts 2 Journey cohort is customized for each church regardless of size, location, or culture. Our most recent stats revealed that 46 percent of the declining churches that completed the Acts 2 Jouney cohort showed numeric growth.


October 11,12 2019
January 24,25 2020
March 27,28 2020
June 5,6 2020

A one-year journey of
development comprised of
four-weekend retreats
Location dependent on attendees

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Friday Pastor’s Session
6 pm - 9 pm
Pastor and Spouse Only

Saturday Vision Team Session
9 am - 4 pm
Pastor and Vision Team

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The only cost to the
church is your housing during the
Acts 2 Journey, your meal costs
for your team and $300 for
administrative expenses.

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Acts 2 Leadership

Mark Kilcoyne
Mark oversees pastoral development for the WNM Ministries Network and will be handling the logistics of the Acts 2 Journey through the Discipleship Department.
Mark Kilcoyne
Mark Kilcoyne
WNMD Discipleship Director
Fulfill Your God-Given Vision

Fulfill Your God-Given Vision

* Cultivate discipleship strategies
* Retain guests
* Improve assimilation methods
* Enhance the worship experience
* Recruit volunteers
* Create teams
* Equip leaders
* Become more outward focused

Acts 2 Journey Documents