How to Find Books

Have you registered for class and now need your textbook?

We have an agreement with Christian Book Distributors to secure the best price for the books used in DSOM. We still encourage you to check out other sites that sell books to see if there might be further savings. Click the logo below to purchase your books.  When the page opens, you will notice in center of the page the Textbook Finder for AG Schools of Ministry. Choose the “Wisconsin/Northern Michigan” District. After you select “Wisconsin/Northern Michigan” another dropdown box appears allowing you to choose the level for which you will buy books. Choose your books and checkout. It is that simple!

Book list
Book list


2017-18 Schedules
Waupaca location
Date Certified level License level Ordained level
Sept. 15-16


New Testament Survey Pastoral Counseling*
Oct. 20-21 How to Interpret the Bible Old Testament Survey Church Admin., Law & Finance
Nov. 10-11 Synoptic Gospel Missions Prayer & Worship
Jan. 19-20 Relationship & Ethics in Ministry Conflict Management Pastoral Ministry
Feb. 16-17 Evangelism Leadership Skills Preaching in Cultural Context
Mar. 16-17 AG HIstory, Mission & Governance Romans Corinthians
May 18-19 Prison Epistles Intro to Theology Pentateuch
June 15-16 Pentecostial Doctrine Homiletics Poetic Books
Aug. 17-18 No Class Eschatology No Class

* Note that Pastoral Counseling is not a General Council required course for ordination, but it is a valuable course for those involved in pastoral ministry.

 Fridays:  5:30 - 9:30 pm
Saturdays:  8:30am- 12:30pm



Milwaukee location
Date Certified level License level Ordained level
Sept. 15-16


Missions No Class
Oct. 20-21 Pentecostal Doctrine Homiletics No Class
Nov. 10-11 How to Intpret the Bible Old Testament Survey No Class
Jan. 19-20 Synoptic Gospel Leadership Skills No Class
Feb. 16-17 AG History, Mission & Governance Romans No Class
Mar. 16-17 Prison Epistles Intro to Theology No Class
May 18-19 Relationship & Ethics in Ministry Conflict Management Pastoral Ministry
June 15-16 No Class Eschatology
Aug. 17-18 Acts New Testament No Class
Fridays:  5:30 - 9:30 pm
Saturdays:  8:30am- 12:30pm


Have you just heard about DSOM?  About to start class and have questions?

Below you will find important information on what to expect as a new student.


5:30 pm - Registration/Check -in
6:00 - Orientation
6:30 - Class starts



We made signing up for DSOM as painless as possible.  All you have to do is click here to go to our New Student Registration page.  Fill in all the blanks and hit submit!  


Time to order your book! You can click here or go to our link for Books. This will show you how to order your books. You will get an email within 3 - 5 days with all the study guides as Microsoft Word documents in your email. You will use your textbook to complete your homework assignment.


Admission: $25.00 (one time cost)

Class fee: $55.00 (per class)

Housing: $20.00 (per person)

Other costs: textbook and food (these are the responsibility of the student)



DSOM determines course grades using the following method:

Reading the book : 20%

Study Guide: 20%

Class Attendance:  20%

Test: 40%

90-100 = A  80-89= B  70-79 = C

Below a 70 is not successfully completing the course


Here at DSOM you can jump in at any time.  Just remember to allow enough time to register, order the textbook and have time to complete your assignments.  First time students are encouraged to allow at least 30 days before class to register.  This will allow enough time to receive your book and have time to complete the homework.




Tests are given at 8:20 AM on Saturday. All your test questions will come from your homework.

As you are preparing for class and doing your homework, you are already studying for the test.

What is a normal test like?  Most tests are 50 questions (True/False and Multiple Choice).

Have more questions?  Contact us at (715) 258-8118 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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A great new way to meet educational
requirements to become a credentialed minister
or to advance to the next level!
The Wisconsin/Northern Michigan Ministries Network launched the District School of Ministry (DSOM) in September of 2009. This program is designed to help people complete the academic requirements for credentialing with the Assemblies of God.
*Keep the cost of your education to a minimum.
*Add a classroom dimension to your study.
*Complet an entire credential level of courses in less than a year.
*Stay on track with a planned timeline.
*Attend modular classes one weekend a month.
*Build relationships in the District.
*Interact with experienced ministers.
The District School of Ministry also offers lay people the opportunity to improve their ministry skills. Students can earn a Lay Ministry Certificate.


The Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District School of Ministry (DSOM)

Rick Painter pic for website
Dr. Rick Painter, Academic Dean

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (414) 394-9128


Dawn Winrich, Enrollment Coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (715) 258-8118

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 Minister's tithes/dues to the District - Our Bylaws call for 100% of the minister's tithes/dues from all sources of ministerial income to be sent in each month to the district office.  Regardless of the minister's source of income, he/she must send to the district office for its support a minimum of $350.00 per year.  These rules do not apply to the minister's spouse holding credentials who has no separate income.  This can be paid online at:  DO NOT submit your District dues to General Council when renewing online.  These monies do not come directly to us and may cause you to lapse.
 General Council Support – As a credentialed minister, your monthly obligation to the General Council is as follows:

          Certified Minister - $10.00 per month - $120.00 yearly.
          Licensed Minister – $20.00 per month – $240.00 yearly.
          Ordained Minister - $25.00 per month - $300.00 yearly.